The HS classification of Drones and Drone Parts

Posted by Cory

Drones pose an interesting challenge for classification since their intended use will have a large impact on their tariff heading: Drones outfitted with HD cameras will be classified as cameras, whereas drones for carrying packages

No permits are yet required to import drones so the admissibility is not an issue.

Description HS Code PGA Requirements* Explanation
Drone (UAV)  8802.11.00.14  Drones (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) designed for carrying cargo or delivery will fall under the “other aircraft” heading as lightweight helicopters
Video Drone  8525.80.00.50  Brokers note: if the camera installed in the drone is less valuable than other components, or if its primary function is not take video, it can be arguably classified as a drone.
 Survey Drone  9006.30.90.00  CBSA ruling  #272335. Drones meant for geographical surveying are classified as “cameras specially designed for aerial survey”
Drone Propellers  8803.10.00.00  Propellers for drones are considered parts of aircraft where imported separately from drones


*Note that the PGA requirements can vary depending on the country of origin, end use and state (dried, chilled, fresh) of the items you are importing. For more information, please contact us!

**All classifications are the opinion of Border Bee Customs Brokers Inc. and are meant to assist trade companies in their HS determinations. Unpredictable changes in classification may occur as a result of even minor modifications so we encourage importers to seek binding rulings where possible and not to use this article as legal advice.