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The HS Classification of Cannabis Products

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With the imports of legal cannabis plants and products set to jump significantly, Statistics Canada has published their list of harmonized system tariff classifications to help importers. Please find a list of the most common items below along with their OGD regulations:

Note that only licensed growers may import Cannabis products. Please check with Health Canada for the admissibility of what you plan to import before ordering.

Description HS Code OGD Requirements**
Live Plants 0602.90.90.90 Health Canada Permit, Phytosanitary Certificate, CFIA
Cannabis Seeds for Sowing 1209.99.10.29 CFIA: Phytosanitary Certificate, Plant Protection Permit, Health Canada Permit, *Seed Analysis (for orders > 500 kg)
Cannabis plants, herbs & seeds used in pharmacy 1211.90.90.50 Health Canada Permit, CFIA: No Permit Required Letter, Plant Protection Permit
Cannabis resin or oleoresin 1302.90.00.10 CFIA, Health Canada permit
Cannabis oil, extracts, and tinctures 1302.19.00.10 CFIA, Health Canada permit
Medicaments for retail sale, containing cannabis or cannabinoids 3004.90.00.21 CFIA, Health Canada

**Note that the OGD requirements can vary depending on the country of origin, end use and state (dried, chilled, fresh) of the items you are importing. For more information, please contact our office directly.




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