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How much did it cost?


2. How is it getting here?

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Air Ocean Transport Not Arranged I will bring it across the border myself.

Note: For individuals picking up their own goods, you can self-clear your purchase at any port. For businesses sending an employee, we can now release these electronically.


3. Tell Us About Yourself

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How It Works

  1. Tell us about yourself and what you bought (or would like to buy)
  2. Border Bee will verify the details of your import
  3. Choose your payment method
  4. Your release request will be submitted to Customs and your import will continue its journey to you. Hooray!

We can release any import at any port by any carrier–this includes UPS, FedEx and DHL parcels!

Our Fees

In addition to any duties and taxes, Border Bee will also charge a fee for obtaining release of your shipment. The fees for one-time and casual importers are detailed here.
If your business is importing consistently, please contact us directly for a discounted schedule! rfq@borderbee.com
  • $50 plus one percent of the shipments value for casual and one-time importers
  • $125 plus one percent for vehicle importations
  • $15 plus one percent for personal parcels in the courier stream (most goods bought online)

We accept payment by credit card, PayPal and Interac e-Transfer. For the payment of invoices exceeding $2000, only e-Transfers and wires will be accepted.

*Ancillary fees may apply:

Service Fee Applicability
Importer Activation $25 Required for first-time importers. You can avoid our fee by self-activating with the CRA: 800-959-5525. *Commercial imports only*
Additional Classification $2/line For shipments containing multiple commodities which require distinct tariff classifications
Disb. Fee/Use of Bond 3% Collected on the payout of duties, taxes, terminals and other fees which must be advanced on your behalf
OGD Reporting $7.50 Imports containing wood articles, food, tires and electricity-consuming machines that require additional reporting


What is Customs?

Besides being something that most shoppers and travellers forget about, Customs agencies exist to secure borders and to collect duties and taxes on goods purchased abroad. Duties and taxes are applied to ensure an even trade balance. In Canada, this function is performed by the CBSA.

What is a broker?

Also known as a customs house agent, a broker represents you in all commercial issues pertaining to Customs: completing forms, advising regulations and obtaining the release of your goods. Once released from Customs’ control, your goods are free to be delivered by the carrier. For individuals, a customs broker can release your purchases when you are not physically present to do so.

What taxes will I owe?

GST (5%) is payable on all importations, in addition to potential duties (ranging from 3%-18%). For individuals importing personal goods, HST or PST are also applicable depending on your province of residence or the port of release.
For a proper quote of the duties and taxes owed, please forward a detailed description of your intended purchase (including its country of manufacture and its cost) to duties@borderbee.com

About Us

Border Bee is a new service born from the demand of a novel importing community: You. Traditionally, importing was reserved for professional merchants and manufacturers; but the growth of e-commerce means that anyone can now import at their will. Barriers and challenges remain, of course, and Border Bee hopes to ease the administrative burden for Customs and new importers alike.

Selling to Canadians

Not only is doing business in Canada a great opportunity to increase your sales, it also a great place to cut your teeth and learn about selling internationally–the restrictions, conditions and benefits. Whether you want to offer DDP terms to your Canadian buyers, shift your inventory to Canada, or establish a permanent presence here–Border Bee can help guide your decisions and make this learning curve an easy one.

To simplify your international expansion as a merchant, contact us!



Tired of brokerless imports taking up space on your dock for days on end? Border Bee will happily arrange clearance for these shipments so that you can keep your distribution center flowing.


Ever dream of becoming a broker just so you don’t get stuck at the border with a one-time shipment? Border Bee can help you out. If you are carrying loads for casual importers or one-time importers, we promise the quickest clearance possible for your customer and your fleet.

E-commerce Developers

Are you developing or providing e-commerce solutions, but haven’t got a clue about customs, logistics or international trade? Border Bee would love to chat with you! Together we can make international transactions a less painful process for everyone.

Get in touch, don’t be shy: partners@borderbee.com

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