Clearance Checkout

Checkout creates an intuitive customs clearance portal with just a few lines of code.

Step 3: Select mode of arrival

Parcel imports:
<70 kilos
<.5 CBM

Freight imports:
>70 kilos
>.5 CBM

-Imported in luggage
-Imported in vehicle

Parcels should weigh less than 70 kilos with dimensions under a cubic meter. Freight is larger and often stacked on a pallet.

The hand-carried release option is for businesses collecting their goods from a pick-up point in the United States.

If you are uncertain, please contact your vendor

Shipping method*
The mode of arrival will affect the clearance of your shipment
Mode of Transport*
Please deselect 'I have no idea' and select the method your seller confirmed

Step 4: Customs

Do you need Customs clearance?*
All international cargo requires customs clearance