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More about Border Bee

Border Bee is a customs broker that builds web tools for importers of all sizes. It is our mission to improve user experience and visibility for Customs.





Cory is a third-generation licensed customs broker and software engineer.

He is  the developer behind autoclear and autonafta, and most recently the international Customs clearance tool DutySkip.


Sandrine is head of Border Bee’s release department. She has a master’s degree in International Transport and Logistics from Kedge BS in France.

She previously worked as a logistician, coordinating transportation and installation for some of North America’s largest sporting events.


Koichi  has been with Border Bee since the beginning — minus some time spent teaching English in Japan.

He is a Montreal native who recently completed his graduate studies in business administration at Concordia.


Max is the engineer responsible for Border Bee’s API and web application . He is also a Sixers fan and sound artist.


Marie handles our billing and office administration. She joined us in 2019, bringing the experience of several industries with her.