Clearance Request Explainer

Confused about why you are receiving a customs clearance request? Please find more information below

We ship frequently and have never needed a customs broker before…

It could be that this is your first order shipped as freight, or another reason below:

  • your previous vendor’s included customs clearance into Canada as a part of their service
  • your previous imports were all small parcels and released within the special courier/LVS channel, where no formal release is required
  • your import contains OGD restricted items or is subject to a permit

Can I just pay the duties and taxes at my door?

Unfortunately not, this option is only available for small parcels delivered through the courier/LVS channel which has strict limitations (i.e. no high value items, OGD or permit goods, or shipments of a large size). Your shipment would not qualify under this program and therefore a formal declaration must be drawn up by a customs broker.

We have an account with another broker, why aren’t they clearing our package?

They still can! If you provide us with the name of your broker of record through the clearance request sent to you, we will pass the information on to them. It is possible that your existing broker’s information was lost in the communication between your vendor and transport company as is often the case.

None of the above answer your question? You can reach one of our agents at (800) 604-4121