autoclear direct explainer

Why am I receiving emails requesting clearance?

If we pay the invoice, will our shipment be released?

Yes, your shipment will be transmitted for customs clearance upon payment.

We already have an account with Border Bee, why are we receiving these e-mails?

It could be that you do not have sufficient credit in your account for pre-authorized release. Please use our payment portal to open an account and avoid delays in the processing of your shipments.

We have an account with another broker, how are you receiving our shipments?

It could be that your transport company has us registered as your customs broker. Please use the autoclear link emailed to you to inform us of your correct broker and we will pass the information to them as early as possible.

Can we pre-authorize Border Bee to release all our shipments?

Yes, you may apply for credit by contacting our office directly: (800) 604-4121