How to Import Cannabis Seeds into Canada

Posted by Cory

How to Import Cannabis Seeds into Canada

The importation of Cannabis seeds is heavily restricted in Canada

**Please note this is an article about the legal importation of cannabis seeds by licensed businesses in Canada.**


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Despite the presence of numerous seed banks throughout the country, cannabis seeds do not originate in Canada and therefore must be imported. Licensed growers may find it difficult to navigate the compliance process, so we recommend a customs broker be involved from the start of the purchasing process.

Importing difficulty Hard
Classification Header 1209
Duty rate 0%
Tax rate 5%
Additional Requirements Health Canada and CFIA permits
Shipping method Special courier
Sources  Medical cannabis producers

Please find the requirements below:

  1. Be a licensed grower: There are currently only 29 in Canada, so unless you are one of them, you will not be able to import!
  2. Obtain a permit from Health Canada: the process will take some time.
  3. Obtain an import permit from the CFIA (Canada Food Inspection Agency). This is a general permit for the importation of seeds into Canada. You can reach the CFIA at: 800-835-4486
  4. Order from a vendor that understands the export requirements: a Phytosanitary certificate will be required and must be included with the shipment. You will need to courier your vendor a hard copy of the Health Canada import permit, and in return they will send you a hard copy of the Phyto from their country’s exporting authority.
  5. Seed analysis certificate: this is only required for importers bringing in over 5 kg worth of seeds (which is unlikely considering seed lots of cannabis are typically very small).
  6. Hire a customs broker: Border Bee strongly recommends a customs broker be involved in any transaction regarding the importation of cannabis seeds as the consent of three distinct government parties must be coordinated in a timely manner.