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Border Bee is a licensed customs broker helping SMEs across Canada accelerate their supply chains and the first in Canada to offer an API-friendly service. The firm was started in 2012 by professional customs brokers who wanted to decrease cost and friction for new importers by leveraging online tech. The result is now the fastest-growing customs service in the country.





Cory is a third-generation licensed customs broker. He started his career as a courier in Surrey’s Pacific Border Crossing before obtaining his professional status in 2012.

He is also the developer behind autoclear and autonafta, two web programs designed to automate compliance for Canadian importers.


Sandrine is head of Border Bee’s clearance and PARS release department. She has a master’s degree in International Transport and Logistics from Kedge BS in France.

She previously worked as a logistician, coordinating transportation and installation for some of North America’s largest sporting events.


Koichi is Border Bee’s lead CSR and has been with Border Bee since 2015 — minus a year spent teaching English in Japan.

He is currently pursuing graduate studies in business administration at Concordia.


Max is a full stack developer responsible for Border Bee’s API and web application . He is also a full stack Sixers fan and sound artist.


Marie is our office manager. Joining Border Bee in 2019, she brought with her the experience and insight of having worked in several industries.